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Waterjet-Tech, Inc.
Waterjet-Tech, Inc., provides commercial and government customers with advanced waterjet services and specialty products and systems. Our roots go back to Flow Industries, where we helped pioneer the waterjet industry in 1971. We have since built a reputation based on continuous innovation of new waterjet processes and the application of these unique processes to meet our customers' advanced needs. Our process is especially good on materials such as fiberglass, phenolics, plastics & composites. Waterjet-Tech offers a wide variety of proprietary waterjet processes such as: -High-Precision Cutting -Small-Hole Drilling -Turning and Threading -Milling -Surface Preparation -World-Class jobshop services Our technology provides options beyond conventional machining and our process expertise results in capabilities beyond those of any other commercial waterjet machine shop. Check out our webpage and fax us a RFQ to see how we can help reduce costs and leadtime from your process.

Waterjet-Tech, Inc.
Auburn Washington

Contact : Traci Schott
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