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Shield Alloy Products
Manufacturers and Exporters of all kinds of Industrial Knives and Knife Grinding Machines. The company manufactures blades in a variety of sizes, designed to take on all kinds of materials and in all capacities. The industrial blades and knives we manufacture are listed below: 1. Paper and Paper related industry i.e. Paper Mills, Printing Presses, Binding Houses, Newspapers, Paper Converters, Paper Coaters, Corrugated Box Manufacturers, Flexible Packing etc. 2. Sheet Metal Industries for all kinds of Industries like Steel Plants, Railway Coach and wagon building, Ship building, Fabrication, Tube Mills, Cold Rolling Mills, Conduit Manufacturers and other General Engineering Industries. 3. Plywood, Chip Board, Hard Board, Block Board, Flush Doors, Wood panels, Tea chests, Decorative laminates, Fiber glass and similar industries. 4. Plastic Extrusion, Plastic Packing, all types of Plastic Packing, all types of Plastic films, Leather, Leather Boards, Textiles Rubber, Coir and Tyre Industries.

Shield Alloy Products
Amritsar Punjab

Contact : Raman Aggarwal
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