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Guangzhou Jasu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd in Fiberglass World


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Guangzhou Jasu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
JASU International Machinery Group, held by SUNNY (HK) Group, is formed by professional machinery company of TaiWan and Germany. Its core subsidiaries include: Guangzhou JASU Precision Machinery Co.,LTD, Suzhou ZhongGu Precision Machinery Co.,LTD., Taiwan JASU Machinery Industry Co., LTD., German Krauss Machinery co., LTD. JASU Group have devoted itself to R&D of CNC machine tool and its functional unit, one step injection blow molding machine for a long term, also promote and apply this new technology in the market, thus driving the development of domestic CNC machine industry and plastic machinery industry. JASU Group focus on product research and talent training, built a technological superiority in the area of CNC machine tool and its functional features, one step injection blow molding machine, industry robot etc. Through the collaborative between members and group

Guangzhou Jasu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Guangdong

Contact : Wade Cai
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