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Felder USA
Felder USA
Manufacturers of Table Saws ,Panel Saws Band Saws , Planners, Jointers, Shapers , Dust Extraction Equipment FELDER USA is a subsidiary of ASW Machinery, Inc., a California Corporation. ASW Machinery, Inc. stands for Austrian Specialized Woodworking Machinery, and is 100% owned by FELDER KG of Austria. FELDER KG of Austria is a family- owned business with a more than 400-years tradition in the blacksmith trade, and 50 years of experience in building woodworking machinery. Daily contact with woodworkers all over the world and continuous innovative development make the woodworking machines of FELDER bestsellers, worldwide. All machines under the trademarks FELDER, HAMMER and FORMAT-4 are 100% developed and produced in our factory at A-6060 Hall in Tirol, Austria. Other subsidiaries of ASW Machinery, Inc., are HAMMER USA and Format-4 USA.

Felder USA
New Castle Delaware

Contact : Arthur Lux President
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