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Shanghai Dofiberone Composites Co., Ltd. in Fiberglass World


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Shanghai Dofiberone Composites Co., Ltd.
Our main fiberglass made in China is as below: 1, E-glass filament winding roving (multi-end) 300 tex and above. 2, C-glass filament winding roving (multi-end) 300 tex and above. 3, C-glass roving for gypsum 2400tex 4, E-glass spray up roving 2400tex 5,SMC roving (E-glass and C-glass) 2400tex, 4800tex. 6, HOBAS roving 2400tex 7,Panel roving 2400tex. 8, Pultrusion roving ( C-glass and E-glass) 300tex and above. 9, Chopped strands for thermoplastics 3mm, 4.5mm,6mm 10, Chopped strands for BMC: 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm. 11, Chopped strands for stucco: 6mm, 12mm. 12, Wet chopped strands:12mm, 25mm. 13, Stitched combination Mat (C-glass and E-glass) 900-1200g/m2 , 1.6m width. 14, Stitched chopped strands Mat (C-glass and E-glass) 900-1200g/m2 , 1.6m width. 15, Woven roving (C-glass and E-glass): 400g/m2, 600g/m2, 800g/m2 16, E-glass continuous strand mat :450g/m2, 90cm width. 17, AR Fiberglass roving 2400tex 18, AR Fiberglass scrim Etc 19, fiberglass Mesh for wall decoration, and for windows screen. 20, SMC BMC materials 21, FRP products

Shanghai Dofiberone Composites Co., Ltd.

Contact : Mike Chow
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