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Jushi Group Co., Ltd
Jushi Group Co., Ltd., located in the Tongxiang Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province, lies in the golden belt surrounding the Yangtze River Delta. Only 120 kilometers from Shanghai to the east, and 60 kilometers from Hangzhou to the south, geographical advantages provide the company with vast opportunities for economic development. A key enterprise that is ¡°encouraged¡± at the state and provincial levels, the company has been praised by the Torch Center of the National Ministry of Science and Technology. Moreover, the Zhejiang People¡¯s Government has commended Jushi as one of the province¡¯s ¡°Top 100 High-Tech Enterprises¡± as well as a model unit for technological advance and innovation. The company specializes in manufacturing both E-glass and C-glass fiberglass products and fabrics, with over 200 types and varieties in total. It is currently the largest producer of fiberglass reinforcements in China. In addition to being distributed in 29 provinces and cities around China, products are also being exported to clients in more than 20 countries and regions; mainly in the USA, Japan and Germany. Its production scale and export volume have ranked at the forefront of the domestic market for several years in succession. Advanced technology and good service are the basis for high-tech companies to maintain continuous and smooth development. Therefore, the company always insists on the development policy of ¡°Using science as impetus, Focusing on quality to open up the market, Emphasizing management for promoting profits, Relying on talented people for further development¡±. Using such internationally advanced production instruments as direct-melt furnaces together with 1,600-hole, 2,000-hole and 4,000-hole bushings, automatic winders, intelligent temperature control systems, inverter fabricators and two-floor fiber forming apparatus, the company has the most complete equipment and technology in the Chinese fiberglass industry. At the end of 2000, a 16,000 metric ton E-glass direct melt furnace was completed as a cooperative project with world-class companies. With all technology and key equipment having been imported, fully automatic production has been realized. The technological level of this project has achieved the latest standard for the late 1990s. The company has also placed great emphasis on its management. In 1996, it became the first fiberglass producer in China to carry out all production in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system. Through the establishment of various work and economic responsibility systems and assessment, production management has become regular, systematic and standardized. The aim of the company is to rely on science and technology to keep up with the world level, to strengthen management to promote profits, to develop new products to open up the market, and to provide good service to win credit from customers. Meanwhile, the company¡¯s target is to maintain the first place in enterprise management, production scale, technology and equipment, product variety, product quality, export revenue and economic benefits in the Chinese fiberglass industry.

Jushi Group Co., Ltd
Tongxiang Zhejiang

Contact : Jim Freeman
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