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Kory Automation Technology Co., Ltd. in Fiberglass World


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Kory Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Kory Automation Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone in Hangzhou, China, is a vibrant computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) company committed to renovating traditional fashion industry through hi-tech. At Kory, we strive to lead in the invention, development, and manufacture of the world's most advanced technologies in apparel, luggage, and footwear industries by providing integrated CAM/CAD (computer-aided design) solutions. Our products are sold throughout China and in foreign countries worldwide. Kory, skilled workforce, made up of pH. D. S and senior engineers, has a passion for technology. Since its founding in 2003, Kory has developed a series of patented software and cutting plotters, Kory Markman, known for simplicity, high speed, precision, and perfection, which manifest our fundamental principles of design. Kory offers comprehensive customer services with business insight to reduce price, deliver reliable cutting-edge products and assert competitive advantage.

Kory Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
hangzhou zhejiang

Contact : Elaine bao
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