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Mega Fiber Glass
The never-ending success story of MFG (MEGA FIBERGLASS) stretches across the continents, offer superb quality composite products to serve different segments of life. MFG established its business activity in 1985. With the passage of time new ventures have disclosed, where multifarious scope of business is available due to presence of state of the art composites facilities under one roof. The world fiberglass or glass fiber is interchangeable and is generally used for glass fiber reinforced plastics i.e. FRP or GRP. Fiberglass reinforced plastic is a man made composite of some fiber and resin. In fiberglass composites, some plastic material is used as a binder just like cemment in concrete and fiberglass as reinforcement just like steel bars in RCC. The plastic material is selected keeping in view end use of the finished products. Generally unsaturated polyester resins or epoxies are used as plastic material: a modified form of epoxy and polyester resin is vinyl ester, which is used for highly corrosive media like acids and alkali storages. To meet high mechanical parameters high-tech fibers and special grades of resins are selected. S-2 glass, carbon fiber and Kevlar are advanced fibers to fabricate advanced composites. MFG have state of the art production facilities to cope with the customers requirements. Presently contact molding, compression molding, filament winding, and the world most latest process for producing structural members Pultrusion is operation under the same roof. This fully computerized, Pultrusion plant was put in operation in 1993. Its parameters are regulated by a very sophisticated high-speed computer, after its installation high-tech and sophisticated engineering products become a regular line of fabrication of MFG. A numerous complicated and safety items of engineering necessity were first time introduced in local market. For instance disconnecting stick for lineman in WAPDA, its imports by WAPDA has been 100% deleted. Since 1994 fiberglass safety ladders is another regular item for WAPDA. Our fiberglass fan blades for industriacooling towers in different sizes andl profiles are in service since last many years. Now we are self sufficient to fabricate any size of blades either for cooling towers or for wind mill applications in any size and shape at a fraction of its import price. Our Chemical/acid storage tanks, pipes and fittings and pumps for industrial application are also much appreciated. That proves confidence of our quality conscious customers on local high-tech industry. Since last few years MFG is engaged with very sophisticated composites based classified developments/fabrications for high-tech defense applications. Numerous prestigious innovations go to our credit. We are expecting addition of a new Pultrusion line for optic fiber central strengthening member for our overseas associated. We have recently introduced precision metal fabrications division. It was need of the time, because most of our products require different metal parts for its functioning. These are in the form of latches, handles, stays and precise spring-loaded hinges and sports our new division is capable to handle all sort of ferrous and nonferrous metal fabrications.

Mega Fiber Glass
Lahore Punjab

Contact : Faisal Mahmood
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