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Shenzhen Kingsun Composite Ltd in Fiberglass World


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Shenzhen Kingsun Composite Ltd
Our company specializes in glass fiber/carbon fiber poles, rods, tubes, plates and flats, and we can develop and produce according to customer's requirements completely. Our products are suitable for tents,kites,toys,models,planes,tool handles,golf bags,golf training nets,fishing rods and other sports apparatuses as supporting roles. Characteristics of our products: 1. Carbon fiber rods: have a great deal of performance, such as light (pack material use organic compound), high strength, wearable, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, electric and fine X ray penetrable, can apply widely in the fields of aviation, space flights and sports goods. 2. Glass fiber rods: have features of high intensity, good tenacity, light weight, ametabolic performance, corrosion-resistance, slinkiness, easily maintain, rustless performance, fine electric insulating ability and other performance, can replace some products such as steel wires (spring steel), copper tubes, aluminum pipes, PVC /PCB plastic pipes and clava. Since our foundation, our business is developing constantly, and our ability is strengthened constantly with care and support. We pay attention to seek collective development while pay attention to happy cooperation. The aim of our enterprise is: quality first, service first, friendy first We wish to create value for you,at the same time,create value for ourselves. We anticipate to cooperate with you to seek better development together.

Shenzhen Kingsun Composite Ltd
Shenzhen Guangdong

Contact : Cherry Yueng
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