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Fiberglass World was established as a world wide trading site for information to promote trade in the Fiberglass, Composites and Resins Industry.
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Directory Listings (1 - 18) of 18 Information & Material Exchange

* Al-To-Mate Plastic Exchange (APE)
* Asian Recycler's Exchange (ARX)
* Biomass Recovery Exchange
* China Hwun (China Exchange Network)
* European Waste Exchange Network
* Freight Board (FOB)
* Green Recycling eXchange (GRX)
* Inter-Continental Glass Exchange (IGE)
* International Fiberglass Exchange (IFE)
* LIFTchange Exchange (LCX)
* RecycleXchange Marketplace (RXM)
* Recycler's Exchange (The)
* Recycler's Exchange China (RXC)
* SEC-MAT (Secondary Materials & Commodity Clearinghouse)
* Used Boat Exchange (UBX)
* - Waste Exchange Network
* WetStuff Exchange (WSE)

Fiberglass World
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